Sights of Israel

Some of the attractions of Tel Aviv

Dizengoff Street

This is the calling card of Tel Aviv and one of the longest streets in the city. Named in honor of the founder and first mayor of Tel Aviv - Meir Dizengoff.

Tel Aviv port

There are no residential areas nearby, so parties and holidays last the whole night. In recent years, the northern part of the port, which is relatively isolated, has become a city entertainment center - here are the theater, clubs, bars, restaurants, cafeterias, where many fans come to have fun and relax.

Ötzel Museum

The biography of armed Jewish groups that participated in the struggle for the independence of Eretz-Israel was recreated in the museum of Ecel.

Eretz Israel Museum

The Museum of the Land of Israel (Eretz Israel), created in 1953, is the largest scientific and historical center of Tel Aviv. It presents an extensive collection of materials on the history of the various cultures of the region. Much attention is paid to the development of Arab-Israeli relations. The museum has an extensive historical library of annals, scrolls and books, which is the basis for numerous studies and discoveries of our time.

Video History

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Habima Theater

National Hebrew Theater, born in Russia and reborn in Israel.


Caesarea - a place of grand archaeological excavations located near Tel Aviv. Now a historical park has been created here with remnants of a Roman aqueduct, the oldest theater in Israel, the amphitheater of King Herod, parts of the city streets of the Roman and Byzantine periods, and a complex of public bath houses of the Byzantine period with magnificent decoration. Most of the buildings date back to the time of the crusaders: city walls with towers and gates, sea fortifications, port buildings.
The Caesarean Roman Theater has been restored and serves as the venue for the annual Israeli summer music festivals, and the village harbor is used as a parking for sailing yachts.

Diamond Exchange

Israel is the world capital of diamonds, and the opportunity to visit the Diamond Exchange, to see how precious stones are found, found in different parts of the world, to visit the trading rooms that sparkle with splendor should not be missed. Moreover, each tourist is given a special voucher, according to which significant discounts are offered when buying any product.

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