Synagogues and Yeshiva of Safed

Today in Safed there are numerous active synagogues and yeshiva.
The city of Safed is famous for its colony of artists, galleries and workshops, in which the works of local craftsmen are exhibited.
On the territory of the colony of artists there are synagogues known in the Jewish world, testifying to the flourishing of Jewish culture in the city half a millennium ago, when Safed was one of the world centers of Kabbalah.
Safed - a city of unusual architecture, due to the fact that the streets here go from top to bottom and they were built up in antiquity by people from different countries.
Arab cheese factories in the vicinity of Safed are famous for semi-hard tzfat cheese.
In Safed, the annual World-wide Safed Festival of Kleizmer Music, the largest in the world in this musical genre, takes place.

The most famous of the many caves of Safed is the Shem and Evera cave. From Shema, son of Noah, there were Semites. Ever is Shem's great-grandson, the only one who spoke Hebrew after the incident in Babylon. They lived in this cave. However, they know about her not only because of Shem and Evera. Someone says that here Jacob passed the secret of the Torah to his son. Others - that here he learned about the death of his son. Bitterly wept, and water flowed from the walls. It is also worth visiting the ancient cemetery of Safed. The great Kabbalists of antiquity, the rabbis, and the unusable Torah are buried in this place.

There are several museums in Safed. In the Museum of the “House of Mayr” you will be told about the creation of a Jewish settlement in the city. You can study photos, documents, memories, life and so on. In the Museum of the Bible, created by Denis Ratner, you will be given to get acquainted with 300 works on the subject of the Bible. And in the museum “The Jewish Heritage of the Hungarians”, they will tell about the past of the Jewish communities from Hungary, Transylvania, Slovakia.

At an altitude of 800 meters, in Nimrod National Park, stands the Medieval Fortress. They called this great structure in honor of the biblical king Nimrod. Erected in the XIII century, it was intended to protect against enemies. In the XVI century. served as a prison to the Ottoman nobility. Unfortunately, in the XVIII century. The fortress collapsed after a strong earthquake. Today, travelers have the opportunity to explore its restored part: spiral staircases, unique plaster, secret corridors, loopholes.

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